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Real, life changing results

Typical Weight Loss Is 20 lbs In The First 40 Days

"Awesome support system. I wouldn't change my decision to embark on this journey. I've not only lost 10-12 pounds in the first week my body has continued to change. Thanks Lifelong Metabolic Center team. You've changed my life."



"I am very pleased to say that Lifelong Metabolic Center is everything that it says. It's been only 15 days and I've already lost 19 lbs. wooohooo! Thanks Lifelong Metabolic Center."



"I lost a total of 55 lbs, approximately 40 inches, and 4 (almost 5) sizes in two rounds on the LMC program!! I honestly feel like I am in my twenties again! Today I feel so ENERGETIC, so HAPPY, so ALIVE, and so SEXY!"





If you feel you are overweight or have a desire to hit a certain weight goal, you will be eligible for treatment. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with us so we can evaluate your current state of health.

After an initial consultation, our physician will create a customized weight loss plan just for you. Once your weight loss plan has been created, we will touch base with you at regular intervals to check on your progress.

As part of the Lifelong Metabolic Center weight loss program you eat real, natural foods. No shakes, bars, or prepackaged food!

We provide a discreet and comfortable environment for men and women of all ages. You’ll be welcomed by a team of friendly staff who are passionate about the work they do.

Unlike other weight loss clinics, our program is completely non-surgical, and does not use HCG or hormones and is stimulant free. We take the time to create a personalized and natural weight loss plan for every patient. This means that our program is specifically designed to fit your body and lifestyle.

Our process

The 4 Key Pieces of the Lifelong Metabolic Program

Typical Weight Loss Is 20 lbs In The First 40 Days



We use testing and technology from day 1. The scale used in our program looks at not only weight, but body fat and muscle mass too. It is important to see what your composition is in order to make you the healthiest version of yourself-tight, toned, firm. The initial kit shipped to your home includes a swab for dna testing to formulate your long term plan.


Strategic Eating

The Lifelong Metabolic program is strategic and the jump-start phase is typically exciting, but maintaining steady and healthy progress is key. Hitting cruise control and settling into a lifestyle development pattern is central to our program. We want clients thinking long-term! And that takes strategy and as we move through the necessary phases.



We use supplements during the initial phases of care to support your body and give you a good nutritional baseline. We do not want anybody dependent on any product, but consuming items that can naturally assist with hunger, cravings, and that lethargic-yuck feeling most feel when they attempt to make significant changes can be helpful. Importantly, we use proven formulas with natural ingredients. There are NO drugs, NO shots and NO hormones on this program.


Continued Support

Having a coach and a healthy support system is key to making permanent and sustainable changes. You will have frequent check-ins with our staff so that you can stay motivated and keep moving forward in your program.

Free Virtual Consultation

Personal Coaching, Convenient Options

We want this program to be available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can even have a private consultation over the phone and get your weight loss program sent to your front door! We make it easy for you to start working towards your weight loss goals! This program is perfect for:

  • Anyone struggling to lose weight who may not enjoy group meetings or public weigh-ins
  • Patients who work Mon-Fri and cannot take time away from work but still want personal support
  • This program has helped both Men and Women reach (and stay at) a healthy weight!

Why it works

The reason for our success

Typical Weight Loss Is 20 lbs In The First 40 Days

Genetic Testing

Every client at Lifelong Metabolic Center will undergo a Genetic Test so that Dr. Borre can tailor the latter phases of the program to fit the needs of their body. We believe the individualized care we provide to our clients can help them achieve remarkable results.

Sandy - 112 lbs lost

High Accountability

One of the big reasons our clients see success is because of our high level of accountability. Dr. Borre provides daily texting in the first 2 phases of the program, weekly texts in phase 3, and monthly phone check-ins during phase 4. Our clients find that having a coach to motivate them and keep them accountable is critical to their weight loss success.

Michelle - 100 lbs lost

100% Natural Supplements

The Lifelong Metabolic Program uses healthy food and natural supplements to boost our clients up while in the losing phases in effort to help with mood, sleep, detoxing sluggishness, appetite suppressant and energy levels. Many of our clients have found that these 100% natural supplements make it easier for them to achieve their goals!

Chris - 54 lbs lost

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Who we are

About Lifelong Metabolic Center

Dr. Amanda Borre founded Lifelong Metabolic Center, a top-rated weight loss center in Naperville, Illinois. She utilizes DNA testing to find the exact right food and exercise plan for your body to keep the weight off for life! The program has proven to be extremely effective at helping many in our clinic and community jump-start their weight loss, achieve their goal weight, and become a healthier version of themselves. This is something that everyone here at LMC is passionate about. At LMC we work together to hold you accountable and use science and technology to get amazing results. Let’s give you back control of your health, and help you keep the weight off!

Plus, upon signup you will receive a free weight loss eBook that Dr. Borre herself authored. Get started today!